Get Help

If this is an emergency and you are in need of immediate help, call 911. If you have would like to speak to a campus advocate after hours or on the weekends, please contact UC San Diego Police Department at (858) 534-HELP and ask to speak to an advocate. 

Advocates from CARE at the Sexual Assault Resource Center (CARE) can:

  • Provide confidential emotional support, whether the assault occurred on or off campus.
  • Connect you with medical care, if you need it.
  • Explain all of a victim’s options.
  • Be with a victim during interviews, phone calls, line-ups, or any other proceedings that involve criminal, civil or administrative reports. If a victim is in a situation without the advocate, they have the right to wait until the advocate is present.
  • Help you understand your legal rights.
  • Facilitate housing needs, academic adjustments and other accommodations.
  • Provide safety planning.
  • Provide ongoing counseling.

If you are a faculty or staff member, you may also utilize CARE services as well as the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP). FSAP offers confidential counseling and can connect you with additional resources

Preventing and responding to sexual violence — including sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking — is one of UC San Diego’s top priorities. This website provides the university community with information about how to get and give help, how to report, your responsibilities as a member of the community, and steps UC San Diego is taking to address sexual violence on campus and at work.